Let Me Eat Cake…Cupcakes!

A few posts back I wrote about the CityBakery, which is quickly becoming my favorite place for eating, intellectual, and visual stimulation. I conducted food tours of the edible delights of the CityBakery spending time in the company of Elaine Smith, Joyce and Tony Spataro; Travis Logan, and most recently Victoria and Donald Trafton.

It was Saturday, June 25 I had a splendid lunch with Victoria and Donald at the CityBakery. It always thrills me to see the awe struck expressions on the faces of friends I take to lunch in South Phoenix. They can hardly believe what a treasure lies on the other side of the tracks.

Speaking of improvements, the hostess look-a-like cupcake with thick chocolate and vanilla icing and new recipe for wonderful cake moistness will light up the pleasure centers in your brain when biting into it. I will be back for more!

I echo the sentiment that New Yorker, David.com describes in his post titled “Let Me Eat Cake…..Cupcakes!”. Being an Ex-New Yorker I can tell you there is gratification in eating the frosting first! As my comment on to David’s post confesses to that action.

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