Meriwether’s Annual Holiday Luncheon

Without breaking tradition, Mr. George D. O’Neill treated his employees and brother Grover (Bill) O’Neill, Jr. to our annual holiday luncheon. Just upstairs from our office on the 54th floor of the famed 30 Rockefeller Plaza building to the equally famed Rainbow Room on the 65th floor, it was a short elevator ride up to the glamour that’s dazzled the world since the 1930s. I outdid myself this year and helped myself to two plates of appetizers, one plate of entrees and a heaping dessert plate! (I haven’t eaten since! It’s been 22 hours so far!)

The appetizers I indulged in were caviar, tuna tartar, tuna carpaccio, stone crab legs, smoked salmon, prosciutto, more caviar and a delicious cold veal in tuna sauce. Here’s the full listing.

After polishing off my second plate (can anyone say “glutton?”), I dove into a smaller helping of entrees featuring filet mignon, gnocchi in beef tomato sauce, some ratatouille and a tagliardi with pesto. Yum!

Waddling up to the dessert side of the square buffet, centered on the Rainbow Room’s famed circular (moving) dance floor, I took a modest helping of fresh berries, mango, some hazelnut torte, berry tort and lemon chiffon pie.

Thank goodness I bicycle everywhere, to burn off all those calories! But every single one of them was worth it!

Bill’s cheese plate

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