Mile High Dip – Mead Street Station


I come to report on a Cheese and Artichoke Dip at the Mead Street Station in Denver, Colorado.

It was thick. It was cheesy. It was okay. I give it 3 bread sticks.

The date: Tax Day. Friday, April 15th, 2005
The time: Roughly 2:00 PM
The place: Mead Street Station, 3625 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, CO 80211.
The people: Tery Spataro, Aliza Sherman, Joelle Klein, Monique Elwell, James O’Connor and Moi.
The reason: A girls luncheon to catchup on old times, where we are now, when we got married, when we got divorced, who’s pregnant, who’s trying to get pregnant, who’s already got two kids, and who’s happy with a dog and cat! [n.b. James was our token male.]

The fabulous Tery coordinated for us old gals to gather in Denver for a mini-reunion. Aside from my jet-lag, exhaustion of three 5am mornings in a row and general malaise, it was fun. No really! It was.

We met at Monique’s dilapadated house, which is soon to be a real gem in one of Denver’s many growing and gentrifying neighborhoods. She definitely got a real “handyman’s special.” But knowing Monique, and seeing the creativity she’s put into it already, she’s going to make a killing on the resale.

Most surprising to James and I was the fact that Monique had an original Ivan Jenson hanging in her kitchen! (this one)

As Tery, James and I arrived at Monique’s house, Tery was greeted by two large dogs, bounding down the yard and jumping vertically straight up into Tery. Now this would be okay for a dog lover. But for a woman who’s allergic, it’s not the best…Meanwhile Aliza’s two vicious Chihuahua barked in her SUV.

We all hugged and chatted and then went into Monique’s home. The brief and slightly awkward silence therein was broken when Monique’s clothesdryer beeped that loud, familiar buzz claiming, “i’m doneeeee!” to which James unconsciously blurted out, “excuse me! Must’ve been the beans” to which Aliza exclaimed, “all it takes is one man and the conversation immediately reverts to fart jokes” to which Joelle commented to James moments later, “I don’t know who you are or why you’re here, but it’s nice to meet you.” James replied quite matter-of-factly, “Oh, I’m Tery and Courtney’s bodyguard.”

And with that we were off to lunch!

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