Moonshadows Restaurant in Malibu

Britney Spears at Moonshadows in MalibuPop idol queen, Britney Spears gave this place her kiss of approval, but who says this 20-something year old has taste? What Moonshadows lacks in ambiance and limited décor makes up in sightseeing, and the view of Malibu seaside is spectacular. Moonshadows is not recommended for intimate conversations or business deals.

The Food: I loved the Ripe Bartlett Pear Salad, which combines organic seasonal greens, candied pecans, Point Reyes blue cheese, roasted pear vinaigrette.

The Wok-Sautéed Red Curried Shrimp was tasty with bell pepper, pineapple, coconut sugar, kaffir lime, lemongrass oil and jasmine rice, though the jasmine rice was slightly under cooked.

Our dining host was completely aloof. He didn’t make any suggestions or effort to see if our needs were being met, but with the noise level so high why bother?

Moonshadows Restaurant of Malibu is a trendy place with a lot of blare not much atmosphere, some nice food somewhat difficult to enjoy, pricey with ok service.

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