More cupcakes – Chicago

More cupcakesMore more  more —I just delighted in a visual display of the most beautiful cupcakes at More. Kimberly Deason let me try the Salted Caramel moresel which was delicious and savory. More has such lovely and some unusual combinations like almond and apricot, apple gorgonzola, bacon maple, fois gras, potato our cream, strawberry balsamic, sweet pea, and truffled white cheddar. I love the idea of the petite flights of Moresels – what a lovely gift this will make.

More is more than just delectable tasty cupcakes there’s an enthusiasm from the folks that work – pride in what they do and a willingness to share this with their customers. Sounds like a wonderful transition back the ma-pa days of the local markets in which the owners new their patrons and were involved in their family lives.  That’s the vibe I got from More and beside going back for More cupcakes I will probably go back for the hometown treatment.

One East Delaware Place
Chicago, IL 60611

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