Most Trans Fats Banned in New York

Good for the home team! New York City takes action to protect citizens from the harmful effects of Trans Fats. I could only hope the rest of the country takes a cue.

New York Bans Most Trans Fats in RestaurantsBy Thomas J. Lueck and Kim Severson, New York Times

Doughnuts in danger? NYC may ban trans fatsAssociated Press

Press Release from the City’s Department of Health:
HEALTH DEPARTMENT PROPOSES TWO CHANGES TO CITY’S HEALTH CODE FOR PUBLIC COMMENT: FIRST, TO PHASE OUT ARTIFICIAL TRANS FAT IN ALL RESTAURANTS; SECOND, TO REQUIRE CALORIE LABELING IN SOME RESTAURANTSArtificial Trans Fat Still Widely Used in Restaurants Despite Year-Long Education Campaign; Artificial Trans Fat Is Hazardous but Replaceable; Would Be Phased Out Over 18 Months; Calorie Information, Where Feasible to Provide, Would Be More Readily Accessible to Customers.

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