My 1st Key Lime Pie

And then I turned to the Desserts section of my “Pulitzer Cookbook” to finally create a 1978 NY Times recipe for Key Lime Pie.

I was a little shocked as I was creating it as this recipe calls for 5 egg yolks and condensed milk with some lime juice mixed in. The meringue top half is 5 egg white and sugar. WOW. Haven’t had a dessert like that in a long time. I substituted lemon juice for Cream of Tartar, because that doesn’t exist in French grocery stores (or certainly none in my neck of the woods). The only problem with this recipe was that I didn’t make a graham cracker crust, which I think is probably nearly essential for a real Key Lime Pie. I am sure there were some sort of cookies I could have bought (like McVities cookies) but I was running out of time.

It came out delicious, but would have been better with the graham cracker crust. Next time!

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