Nello’s New Location in Scottdale

I met, PR and blogger maven, Jeremy Pepper at Nello’s for the grand opening in Old Town Scottsdale on Thursday, June 23, 2005. The menu implies that Nello’s is award-winning pizza since 1984. I’m here to see if that hold true.

After a few minutes of catching up on the gossip of our equally vast rolodexes, we started lunch with a Gala Salad, which was very good. Lot’s of green leafy vegetables, slices of gala apple, mandarin oranges, fresh jicama, walnuts, and gorgonzola cheese. Served with orange poppy seed vinaigrette dressing.

The appetizer was a Fresh Mozzarella Platter with tomatoes, black olives, and green olives, peppeoncinis and fresh basil with toasted ciabatta bread and olive oil. Spare me the canned black olives and jarred green olive, Please! give me the real deal with the olives. Like Olivette Black Ligurian Olives and Green Ascolane. It was highly over priced for the quality of dish.

I had the Mt. Veggie 6.5-inch pizza with anchovies. I thought it was “ok”. The crust was too thick for my personal tastes. Jeremy has the Chicken Parmigiana sandwich, which he said was good.

Jourden with Jeremy PepperThe most pleasant part of the experience at Nello’s was Jourden, our dining hostess. I really enjoyed the salad but felt Nello’s did not deliver on the pizza. I’ll be back to try their thin crust to see if it’s better.

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