New Area to Explore for Lunch

New York, New York – I recently changed my job I’m now on the west side in the 30’s more specifically Hell’s Kitchen also known as Clinton. Upper Hell’s Kitchen I’m completely familiar with but this is a totally new area for me.

Today I order a tossed salad from Blue Rose on 8th Avenue and 38th Street. It was only $5.95. Mix greens with chicken, beets, chick peas, broccoli, and sun dried tomatoes. It wasn’t bad.

Other places I’ve been to include: HK a number of times. Nice atmosphere good salads. I went to Ollie’s with Kora the other day. There’s a good lunch special there. Beef and Broccoli is very good.

I did check Midtown Lunch to see if there were any other suggestions but only a handful were there. This Daily Eat’s opportunity to explore lunch in lower Hell’s Kitchen.

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