Noshin’ in the Cellar

Macy’s Cellar is like NYC’s Times Square for food. Managed by Cucina & Co., you can get almost any kind of food you’d like down there, and then sit in the white ceramic-tiled seating area, enjoying the cacophony of the world passing you by.

I enjoyed a delicious robust hot coffee with one of my best friends, Lisa Jouris. Lisa has spanned the much of the world with her careers and travels. She’s a hard one to keep up with, that Lisa. But when you can sit down with her and bask in her smile, her bubbly laugh and get invigorated by her energy (who needs coffee, when you can talk with Lisa!), it’s a jolt of life!

We shared a Cappucino Latte Cheesecake and Banana Bread Pudding too! Yum-mmeee!

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