Noshing with the Media Beacon

Rob Norman, Media BeaconThe last time Rob Norman aka the Media Beacon, and I spoke he told me he couldn’t speak to me anymore because of who I worked for. Well, that was seven years ago and needless to say a lot has happened. I would have never given Rob another thought if it wasn’t for Yahoo featuring the Media Beacon, himself in their ad on the back of AdWeek.

So I rang Rob, leaving him a message asking if he could shed some light on the state of media? Rob being the beacon and all.

He promptly called back and we arranged time to meet for a nosh session to discuss the state of “affairs” in advertising.

Did I mention Rob has impeccable taste in restaurants? The first time I meet Rob Norman was in London he took me for business lunch at the famous OXO Tower. This wasn’t a New York lunch by any standards no this was truly lunch to the tune of 2.5 hours, a bottle or two of wine, with port and delicious entrees ok so I can’t exactly remember what I ate over that long business lunch but I knew it was delicious. Rob was wooing me to work with him. And lunch worked.

That was 1999 it’s now 2007, the Media Beacon invited me to nosh, because I no longer drink, at the lovely Parea, an upscale Greek restaurant. Though I gave up Greek, for personal reasons, I couldn’t pass up a suggestion from Rob. Incidentally, Parea means: “A group of people who derive great pleasure simply by being together.” I would have to say Rob is a source of great amusement for me, even he admits he’s great entertainment.

PareaSo we noshed. Parea is beautifully designed, lovely interior, and delightful, friendly and attractive staff. Mezethes, were delicious from the melted feta cheese, roasted red peppers, traditional Tsatsiki, grilled baby lamb ribs, and olives. This is a great place to meet for a first date. You could take that special internet date via or eharmony. Maybe not

I will certainly have to go back for the full dining experience. Rob promises we will nosh and discuss the world of advertising media at some other super great place he knows of. So, maybe the Media Beacon will shred some light on a Daily Eats podcast or v-cast.

Rob Norman, Director, Interaction Worldwide for GroupM

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photo: Yahoo! Advertising

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