Nutella On the Go?

A few weeks ago, I discovered an Italian gourmet grocery store in my own town. We’ve lived here 4 years and although I’ve passed by it a million times, I had never been inside. I bought a TON of stuff and have been back twice since then already. Being a Nutella fan, as soon as I spied these, I grabbed a few packages. A Nutella lookalike on the go? I am so there.

A snack pack of small Grissini with hazelnut cream, it was good, but not good enough to stop storing a jar of Nutella at home. The problems? I think it needs a sweeter dipping stick than a Grissini, and the hazelnut cream was not as soft as it should be. That being said, it’ll do in a pinch. Look for it in an Italian gourmet store near you … a bargain at 69 cents!

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