Ole! And a Birthday with Pedro

Well, two Mondays in a row and I’ve stuffed myself to the gills with my friend Pedro.
Monday, March 12th we went to Florencia 13 and indulged in Mexican. And then Monday, March 19th we savored melt-in-your-mouth Italian!

Florencia 13 is secretly named after a neighborhood in Los Angeles and the #13 is for “M”, the 13th letter in the alphabet, for Mexico Well, it’s not such a secret now. The food is Real. Mexican. Good.

So then the next week I took Pedro out for his birthday. I managed to maintain some self control and leave some for Teddy (my pup). For my appetizer I had the Brasole, Parmesean, Argula and Pedro had Seafood Soup. Main courses: I had homemade pasta and he had a steak. Dessert: Tiramisu for Pedro and Cannoli for moi. Buono!

Here are the pics

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