Pam Real Thai

Wow. All I can say is that when they say “Spicy” on the menu, they mean it! And, don’t think you can send your meal back and not get charged for it. That’s what happened to me when my friend Eddie and I dined at this (thank-goodness-it’s) cheap (and really good) restaurant. Our meals arrived before my Thai Iced Tea, but once they brought that over it was I’d say pretty good service. We were sitting next to a suspiciously well-known actor, but far-be-it-for-me to know his name…Actually there were lots of “actor-y” looking people walking it. And three pedicabbers, two of whom spoke French.

Eddie had a roasted chicken thing.

I had a chicken with cashews, lemongrass, “spicies” and pineapple. Then I had a chicken with vegetables.

*I’d give it Four Pedicabbies*

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