Pilaf and Passion Tests

Last weekend, I had the wonderful experience of joining a dinner party at my friend Christina’s. Dining there is always a treat since she is a great food and wine lover, and has received some training at French culinary schools. Yum!

During the appetizer course, we five enjoyed wine and cheese while hanging new silk drapes in Christina’s home. Ah yes, drinking, electric drills, tall ladders and furniture moving — it’s not a combination that would initially come to mind but it was quite fun and rewarding to see the beautiful end result.

The white wine lovers enjoyed a light but crisp 2006 King Crawford Savignon Blanc from New Zealand. It scored 92 points in competition and is a great buy at $12 per bottle at Costco. A 2004 Frenchhouse Sirah from Vin de Pays d’oc (South France) was slightly dry, with a nice finish. Better yet, it didn’t give me a headache the next day as some heavy tannin reds can do.

Then it was down off the ladders and on to the main course, during which the guests individually completed their “Passion Test” and we discussed the new indie movie, “The Secret”. For those who haven’t read “The Passion Test”, it is an excellent means to quickly discover your primary passions which then leads to divining your life purpose, setting intentions and manifesting desirable life changes. Christina experienced this exercise a few weeks prior when she attended the monthly “A Day with the Angels” event.

The results of this exercise quickly led to a discussion of “The Secret” which is all about energy management and how to use the Law of Attraction to effectively create the life experiences you desire. The Law of Attraction is fundamentally based on quantum physics and thought management. A key that I’ve learned through experience is that it’s important to understand your passions before applying the Law of Attraction because any thoughts will manifest — desired or undesired!! So you want to ensure you are manifesting what is truly important!

Intuitive eating is also all about energy management. Food is a frequency that is used to complete physical upgrades and stabilization of energy shifts. Since Christina has also heard me talk about this aspect of energy management she told the guests, “As I was preparing the meal I was wondering if Rebecca would find the energy high enough.” On the other hand I wasn’t overly concerned. When food is prepared by someone who loves to cook, the love for the food, the process and the people whom it will feed, infuses a high vibration.

And the food was indeed scrumptious!! We feasted on Christina’s own secret recipe of Malaysian Curry, Rice Pilaf and French Salad with Organic Mixed Greens & Blue Cheese. The meal was finished with Jasmine Tea, a Pear Tart and Chocolate-Covered Strawberries. Although I tried to obtain the Malaysian Curry recipe, she held fast and instead did disclose that the Pear Tart recipe came from Williams Sonoma and is very easy to make.

Christina, you can invite me to eat at your house any time!

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