Pizza Day Monday On Slashfood

Remember when you were a kid, Pizza day was on Friday, which singaled the end of a long hard school week? Well, I love that Slashfood starts the week off right with Pizza!

“Do not adjust your computer screens: you have entered Slashfood’s 12 hour marathon of wall-to-wall pizza posts. – blogger, Karina Longworth post to kick of pizza blogging mania on Slashfood.

I don’t like to admit this but I’m an Italian from Waterbury, CT, who converted to being a New Yorker back in the early ’80s. Waterbury is the home of awesome pizza from good old fashion Italian family recipes. My mom and dad make the best pizza in the universe! It’s all about the sauce. Slightly tangy fresh tomato with lots of fresh basil. Yummy!

But! I do have my favorite pizza places and admit to being a traditionalist:
CT: Sally’s and Pepe’s in New Haven’s Woorster Square
NY: John’s, Lombardi’s, Arturo’s, Grimaldi’s Pizza (Patsy’s), Two Boots, Don Giovanni, Ralph’s in my old neighborhood Hell’s Kitchen.
Chicago: Giordano’s Pizza deep dish, on Randolph Street
Greater Phoenix Area: Grimaldi’s Pizza Scottsdale, NYPD Chandler, Pizzeria Bianco Phoenix

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