Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

You can’t fool a kid who grew up in Waterbury, Connecticut about pizza. To this day nothing compares to Dominic’s Pizza in Waterbury especially the sausage pizza. They made their own sausage and it fried in small round balls.

Though some pizza aficionados would argue that in New Haven’s Italian section of Wooster Square, Sally’s and/or Pepe’s serves the best pizza in the world. In my opinion New York City really only has a hand full of great pizza’s places. Don’t let anyone tell you the overly cheesy Ray’s is the best until they tried Arturo’s, Don Giovanni’s, or Grimaldi’s under the Brooklyn Bridge. Traveling the world over you can trust me deep-dish pizza can only be created in Chicago. But Nikki Buchanan was right when she wrote about Pizzeria Bianco and Chris Bianco should be fawned over. Located in Historic Heritage Square on Adams Street in Phoenix, Bianco Pizzeria serves up the pie to die for.

Wanting to have a special dining experience for extended celebration of Joanne Fried’s birthday. Without reservations it well worth the very long wait which we spent at the Wine Bar next door before our table was ready.

Digging into three pizzas between the four of us. White pizza with Schreiner’s fennel sausage and thick sweet onions sat on smoked mozzarella, any Wise Guy would be proud to sink his teeth. Arugula and cheese with lots of garlic no sauce was also very yummy. And the traditional basil and tomato with cheese was a favorite. It was all about the light airy piecrust, which doesn’t leave you feeling overstuffed and needing to do extra sit-ups at the gym.

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