Pocket & Pendent Author Sips Chowder while discussing Plot with Ms Courtney Pulitzer

Whoa! Is that Mark Jeffrey, author of The Pocket and The Pendent, eating New England Clam “Chowdah” with the lovely Ms. Courtney Pulitzer? Mark’s not just eating NECC alone. There’s popcorn in that chowder. It seems some pesky yummy morsels of corn and butter where an unexpected addition compliments of Ms. Courtney. Popcorn Chowder, an amazing new culinary delight invented by the creative minds and tastes of Courtney Pulitzer and Mark Jeffrey.

Mark Jeffrey chowing down chowdah photo by Courtney Pulitzer

The Devine Ms. Courtney Pulitzer drove from Manhattan to New Hampshire for Mark Jeffrey’s signing of his new book, The Pocket and The Pendent at the Barnes and Noble. I admit I read The Pocket and The Pendent in a week while devouring a whole bag of Oreo Cookies, I couldn’t put the book down nor the bag. This is a delightfully written serious page-turner, which brings you back to childhood wonder. The universe is an amazing place and I’m so glad authors like Mark Jeffrey are here to make it real for us all! I strongly suggest adding The Pocket and The Pendent to your library and don’t forget the bag of Oreos.

Mark Jeffrey and Courtney Pulitzer photo compliments of Courtney Pulitzer

I miss those fun days when Courtney and I would visit various NYC restaurants. Next week will be my tribute to those days when I visit NYC and see Courtney and friends! Look out Manhattan!

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