Quantum Eating – Old West – Part 2

Dining at El Charro, the oldest restaurant in the US was a delicious treat and the margaritas were excellent. The conversation over burritos was enlightening. The interior of El Charro was delightful warm and inviting. I only wish we arrived at El Charro earlier in the evening. It would seem everything in Tucson closes around 9 pm this New Yorker is just not use to the streets rolling up so early.

Back on the road Travis and I headed to Tombstone. On the way we stopped at the Colossal Cave. Whoa what an experience for a claustrophobic, but being in good company made the descent and the 45-minute lecture pleasant.

Back on our way to Tombstone. We were stopped at the railroad tracks as the Union Pacific flew by. It brought us back in time to that dusty throat choking days of the old west. Trains are amazing. We stopped at a road side bar and grill and had burgers. An hour or so later we arrived in Tombstone. Time stood still we envisioned gun fights in the streets, ladies wearing long dresses over heating in the desert sun, and cowboys riding up on their horses after a long day at the ranch. We stopped in Oriental Saloon had a couple of cocktails though I think cowboys prefer to call it drinks and dreamed about the gunfight at the O.K. Corral. What a place this was.

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