Quantum Universe – part 1 Quantum Foods

After I finished licking my wounds, I realized I shouldn’t cry over spilled milk, beside the bad taste that was left in my mouth was ruining my desire for chocolate. I decided I needed a road trip. So, I recruited Travis, whose birthday incidentally it happened to be. Travis is awesome to travel with. He can speak Quantum Physics with such deep elegance and spirit that can light of the hemisphere of my left brain, a true Renaissance man. He politely reminded what the meaning of hell is “being stuck in a black hole and being slowly pulled apart.” Well, I happy to report I’m no longer stuck in a black hole I’m in sunny, happy Phoenix!

Off we headed in the middle of a storm, yes after 145 days we finally got rain! Our experiment with Quantum physics began with fun, food, and fantasy in the old Wild, Wild West. Travis mapped out our journey via Contact Magazine reviews.

TravisFirst stop on our cosmic adventure was Grasslands. If you’re looking for a yummy treat smack dab in the middle of no where, don’t look any further. Grasslands is a food paradise located in Sonoita where route 83 goes from south to east. Stop the car, or whatever you’re driving get out and have lunch! Dine like a New Yorker. Order the split pea soup! Then have the Southwest Quiche which is “a flavor blend from mild chilies, black olives, chives, cilantro, cumin and organic cheddar.”(Grasslands) Wash it down with prickly pear lemonade. Or enjoy a warm broccoli croissant. Don’t forget to order the double layer chocolate cake all baked fresh at the Grasslands.

After a wonderful discussion with the owners we drove onto Elgin Winery located in Sonoita about 3 miles from Grasslands. According to Judy Hedding of About.com “Elgin Winery uses traditional techniques and is the only winery that still stomps the grapes and uses only wood casks. It is a family owned winery, and the capacity is only 120,000 bottles. The Elgin Winery is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily for tasting and purchases.” (Hedding) We did try their wines I found them delightful though a little too sweet for my tastes. The vineyard certainly has some history as the indicated on the sign hanging outside the winery this is the bordello.

We had to race from Elgin to Sonoita Vineyards which was closing at 4pm. The most sensory experience at Sonoita Vineyards is the aroma of their wines. I describe the scents as perfume flowery, citrus, berries, apples and pears. Beautiful! Truly award wining and well deserved. Just by talking to Dr. Gordon Dutt you can feel the passion in his heart for making wines transcends to the wine itself. I especially enjoyed Cochise Country Colombard.

After our dining and wining we headed to the Hacienda del Desierto a lovely bed and breakfast founded by Rosemary and David. This is a must stay for those of you who enjoy romance with natural setting and ambiance. We stayed in the Casita which was a small house with all the amenities a small house would have. And private hot tube right off of the porch, which we used despite the rain. Breakfast was a little light though the fresh fruit was very good.

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