RA Las Vegas

RA Sushi is good in a pinch. I found the dining experience to be a bit disappointing, perhaps it was an off day or I was tired. I spent the majority of the day enjoying my walk around the Las Vegas strip and wanted a friendly sit down environment with great food.

It took the hostess a couple of minutes to realize I needed to be seated when I walk in. It wasn’t busy at 5p.m. The music was extremely loud, but everything in Las Vegas is extremely loud. I had to ask for the complementary hand towel. I just felt because I was alone I wasn’t worth the time and effort. Believe me I’m a great tipper when I have a great dining experience.

My order consisted of Seaweed Salad, which was on the citrus side but very refreshing. California Roll ok nothing too exciting. Eel a little burnt on the edges. The Philadelphia Roll, consisting of smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber hit the spot. The sushi chef was pleasant and amusing. I always compare sushi chefs to the one at The Original IchiBan Japanese Sushi Bar & Restaurant in Tempe, Arizona. He’s engaging, puts on a great show that’s so much fun, and always buys the house a round of sake bombers. His sushi is out of this world. Imagine in Tempe?

RA an ok place to go in Las Vegas, and has other locations in Phoenix, Chicago, San Diego, Tucson, and Houston.

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