Red Velvet Cupcakes & "Neiman Marcus" Chocolate Chip Cookies

On the occasion of my baby boy’s 6-month birthday, I decided to throw a little party. I have always wanted to make Red Velvet cupcakes because when I discovered Red Velvet cake (just a few years ago), I was fascinated. The “Neiman Marcus” cookies (as I have also discovered are a hoax and not from Neiman Marcus) are also a favorite of my husband’s and mine.

As much as I love living in an ordered live, I have come to realize my cooking style is a bit chaotic. As you will see, I often don’t always have all the exact ingredients necessary for almost all my meals, so I improvise. And, as usual, I tend to multi-task. In case you are too bored to watch all the way through, I’ll recommend NOT ironing white curtains in the middle of making Red Velvet anything!

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