Salt New York

Daily Eats began its fabulous beginings when Courtney Pulitzer and I would dine out, meet up for cocktails, lunch or breakfast. We would get together to talk about the usual stuff at the best places to eat in New York.

While visiting New York we decided to have dinner at Salt on MacDougal Street. Salt–warm, friendly, family-style seating–opened its arms to greet us. We began with appetizers such as “dates wrapped in bacon glazed with sweet syrup.” Courtney described it as “a great date whose bacon really packed a punch!” The spinach salad which was a little over saturated with dressing, but tasty. We also tried the eggplant beet tartar. For dinner we split Cavatappi with duck–rich tasting, but the presentation took away from the taste. As Courtney described what we saw in the bowl “it looked like something served on Reality TV. “

Great date whose bacon really packed a punch!
too much dressing

For dessert we opted for Rosemary and Creme Fraiche ice cream with homemade peanut brittle. The Rosemary was an amazingly delightful surprise. I wasn’t impressed with the peanut brittle.

Courtney, always the delightful and beautiful dinner partner, talked about the old days of dining out, parties and the industry. We got onto the subject of blogging for food and I am thrilled Courtney agreed to blog for Daily Eats! We will share our fabulous dining experiences and love of food from different parts of the country.

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