Sambuca – A Family (Friends) Style Experience

Last night we had a small gathering of friends and family at Sambuca on 72nd Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue. By the end of the evening all 8 of us were well feed.

It was more than just the big bowls of Tuscan and Sambuca salad we shared it was the stimulating conversation. While passing around calamari we learned about interaction design. Brad’s delicate and yet lively animated gestures described his latest creations. Mozzarella in Carrozza was lightly fried was delicious thick tomatoe sause added to the flavor.

Fresh Pomodoro & Basil floated between hands as we went into deep debate about east coast vs west coast colleges for the benefit Krystyna who is trying to determine which college she’ll attend.

The conversation went from Chicken Piccata and Salmon Oregananta to citizen journalism. The restaurant atmosphere disappeared behind us as forks hit plates and discussion grew intense around art and religion and the curiousity of the Apple iPhone release. Can you blame people for finding religion and art around an Apple product? Apple iphone is where computer, mobile and human meet face to face.

We topped off the evening with cappuccinos and feeling nicely nurtured in both body and mind.

20 West 72 Street
Phone: 212-787-5656

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