Second Saturdays

Second Saturdays, started by Rachel and Bob Woodburn is a wonderful gathering of artistic spirited people. Last night despite the rain some 25 folks from Phoenix and the surrounding areas came out to Rachel and Bob’s Foothills estate for evening filled with creative discourse. The charming hosts, Rachel and Bob are both accomplished photographers with a depth and breath of work that impressive works.

Rachel and Bob Woodburn

The invite I received the other day asked each guest to invite two friends and bring an appetizer. When I arrived in tow in with chocolate brownie bites, heart shaped cookies and yellow roses. I thought since I don’t know too many people in Phoenix yet, two appetizers and flowers would make up for lack of friends.

The beauty of their home astounded me. High ceilings, marble floor, and open spaces with clever architectural nuances make a beautiful presentation.

In the room with the lovely spread of inviting appetizers brought by friends, the most interesting conversations were started. The conversations ranged from deep debates about art to idiosyncrasies of technology. There between the chicken wings and egg rolls donning an Apple Green Martini, I met the delightful Roger and lovely Jackie Palmenberg. The conversation with Roger turned to my love of technology and new sciences, and with Jackie we talked about the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, in which she leads the charge as executive director.

gifts of food from friends

Roger PalmenbergRoger and Jackie Palmenburg
Creative Folks and furry friend

Later that evening Rachel took out her rather large photo portfolio and took us through a tour of her impressive photography. Large format photos of human life formed solid and subtle images, encouraging the viewers to discover their own stories from what they saw. I instantly loved her photos, for me they were cavernous entryways to mystery and sensuality. Rachel’s body of work is mature daring and takes calculate risk with shape, light and shadow. A very impressive mix!

Rachel and her impressive photographs

I had an enjoyable evening with Rachel and Bob and meeting their wonderful friends. I look forward to the next Second Saturdays!

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