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Chicago is all about style – not pretentious style, but beautifully well thought out design style. Logically organized and deliberately functional –  there’s nothing wrong with that. I like the simplicity to the interior of Sepia with lovely unique touches like the lighting affects. It’s also where timelines become fused – mixing metaphors from the past with present day ones.

My friend, Petra Kopf and I dined there the other night. We sat at the long shared table – similar the dining style of Asia de Cuba though more thoughtful and elegant.

Sepia Braised Beef Short Ribs Petra started with the charred baby octopus with toasted baguette and tomato sauce. For dinner she had the Amish chicken with acorn squash and Serrano ham. I had the seared sea scallops with cabbage, gnocchi, and whole grain mustard sauce to start. For dinner braised beef short ribs with taro root puree, carrots and turnips.

I tasted some of Petra’s octopus with was great and chicken which was very moist nicely seasoned. I loved what I ordered: the sea scallops were delicious – whole presentation was petit but packed a whole lot of unique flavors. The braised beef short ribs fell off the bone with a struggle. The taro root puree gave the beef a sweet flavor – I have to admit the ribs were a little bit too salty.

Sepia, a most enjoyable experience for a date, dinner with friends or a place to take a client.

123 N Jefferson St
Chicago, IL 60661
(312) 441-1920

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