Shelly’s Pompeii Oven

Shelly's Pizza Oven in Action

Shelly Martin is an extraordinary person who not only studies artifacts from the past and built her own Pompeii Oven. Shelly is a CRM Archaeologist who finds life in the past fascinating. Spending time in Pompeii she discovered the beauty of the outdoor oven. Shelly decided to build an oven like the ones in Pompeii for her own home, here in Boulder.

Look at the beauty and elegance Shelly crafted into this stone stove designed after Pompeii ancients.  The fire is a testimonial of how well this oven works.

Shelly’s been making pizza with the oven. The fire rotates around the pizza cooking it all even and giving it a smoky flavor.

Shelly Cutting the Pizza

Shelly cutting the pizza.

Shelly's Pizza Oven Pizza

This is the most delicious pizza I've ever had!

It’s truly delicious!

Please Shelly’s site Visiting the Ancients to learn ancient culture and trips Shelly and her team are planning.

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