Soldier Ride for Wounded Warrior Project

Soldier Ride Scottsdale, AZ portion of the ride“Each year, Soldier Ride sponsors a cross-country cycling event to aid in the rehabilitation of the brave men and women who return home with injuries incurred in the current military conflicts abroad. Participation in our cycling events provides these wounded warriors with a foundation for the development of a positive self-image and outlook on life, which speeds the rehabilitation and recovery process.” (Soldier Ride. (2004). Soldier Ride About Soldier Ride FAQ.

I went to the Soldier Ride finish line in Scottsdale, AZ to cheer on the team. It was 114 degrees in the blazing Arizonan desert sun as our soldiers and supporters rode their bikes to complete this portion of the ride for the Wounded Warrior Project. It was a beautiful heart warming day sponsored by UHaul and other corporations.

Sizzle Events, Jeremy S. Furrer and FamilyA picnic feast complete with hot dogs, hamburgers, southwest ranch baked beans, and coleslaw prepared by Sizzle Events was served up. And it was Delicious! Sizzle Events is owned by Jeremy Furrer and family, they cater several Arizonan charity events a year. I had a nice conversation with Jeremy about catering, food, and the making of chili baked beans. Nicki Gilbert whose, husband is involved in the Soldier Ride, gave me the low-down on her efforts to the support our troops. She founded Trailer Sheek, the Double Wide Gift Shop. Nicki donates a percentage of the sales to the Soldier Ride and Wounded Warrior Project.

Joanne Fried, Army Staff Sergeant Yegor Bondarenko, Lynelle JohnsonThis day was a truly a heart wrenching day for me as I spoke to several of the brave young men and women soldiers who are participating in the Soldier Ride. It was Miss USO, Lynelle Johnson, whose beautiful voice brought more tears streaming down my face when she sang the Stars Spangle Banner and God Bless America.

I can not help thinking back to the series of events that lead us to war, disturbing flashbacks of living in Manhattan during 9-11-01, and loss of thousands, my colleagues, friends; and horrible days after. I am grateful we have a brave all volunteer army, who risks their lives to protect us. Let’s all recognize this and support the Soldier Ride.

Tomorrow the Soldier Ride team takes off at 4:30am for California to complete the 4700 bike ride. Daily Eats wishes the bikers all the best!

Have a listen: Commentary from Joanne Fried, UHaul, Director, Media & Public Relations, on the Soldier Ride, Wounded Warrior Project. I was laughing becasue the guys were teasing me while I was recording. I so enjoyed meeting them!

Video of Miss USO, Lynelle Johnson.

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