Spring on Park

Surprise and delight at the detail of all things spring. This is a restaurant that not only believes in sensory experience but provides a seasonal twist. This is a smart fresh concept and I love it.

From the awning at the entrance to the hallway bar nook your senses are engrossed in all things spring. The menu is the season.

It was Wednesday evening I went Park Avenue Spring with Elaine Paque. It was our wind down dinner but who would have guessed what a delight this experience would have been.

I learned about Park Avenue Spring while in a cab on my way to a meeting on Wednesday. I fascinated by the attention to detail the creation of the seasonal atmosphere and experience. Everything gets changed to fit the season perfectly. It’s brilliant.

For dinner I started with Citrus Fruit Tartare, main entrée was Wild King Salmon, Crispy Quinoa, and Passion Fruit Yogurt. Citrus Fruit Tartare was refreshing like soft cool spring air that has the aroma of new blossoms. Wild King Salmon, Crispy Quinoa, and Passion Fruit Yogurt was a complete surprise. It woke me up. The salmon was perfectly cooked and it was sweet. Quinoa was something I never experienced before. According to Wikipedia the Incas held Quinoa as a scared crop and referred to it as “chisaya mama” or “mother of all grains”. Eating this dish was a scared experience for my tongue, mind and spirit.

The special of the day was this amazing Truffle Risotto which Elaine had. It was special.

Park Avenue Spring the Chocolate CubeEven more special was the Chocolate Cube. I apologize for the photo I was not prepared for this evening and left my camera at home. The Chocolate Cube is an “architectural wonder” that Frank Gehry would be proud of. There are surprises in this chocolate wonder; the cube is hard on the outside and delicious mousse filled on the inside.

Elaine made a wonderful aesthetic comment about the loveliness of our table, yes we had the best table, and beauty of the design, music and food and right down to the waiter staffs’ attire.

This is an experiential restaurant that I enjoyed and I can’t wait to review Summer, Fall and Winter.

Park Avenue Spring
63rd & Park Avenue
NY, NY 10021

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