Eating BK at Sky Harbor Airport

Daily Eats’ chiefeater on her way to NYC. A whirlwind trip that started with dining at Sky Harbor’s Burger King. Yuck is the one word to describe what I ate. I’m looking forward to NY Eats. Have a listen: tags:Burger King, BK Angus, Daily Eats, Sky Harbor Phoenix, NY Eats, Yuck

New York Daily Eats

This trip to NYC was entirely too short. I no sooner got off the plane I’m getting back on. The food highlights:I went to visit my Grandmother. Who lives in CT. To quote Grace, “the food at this place isn’t that good since the new management. They can’t make a good tomatoe sause like mine.” My grandmother is an outstanding … Read More

Update Nasty Gas Smell in Mahattan

I arrived at Grand Central expecting to be overcome by the smell of gas but was happy to sniff only a faint wiff of gas. Reports from various news sources said the smell left a funny taste in your mouth. Lots of businesses closed because of this incident. The city still isn’t sure of the origins of the gas smell.

Nasty Smell of Gas Covers Manhattan

I’m on the train from New Haven to Grand Central. I spoke to Courtney who told me there’s this smell of gas overing Manhattan. After searching Google News Gothemist was reporting that maple syrup would be a good cover up for the sink. I’m happy to be in NY but won’t be thrilled with the smell.

Bunny Lovin’

I am an addict.I am a junkie.I am a fiend.I guess this is the place where I suppose I should be overwhelmed in my unhappiness with my addictive disorder and make some sort of poignant plea for forgiveness….understanding….help. Truth told: I like what I am doing, I am willing to suffer the side effects, bear the consequences and cheerfully claim … Read More

chili as microcosim

i’m not entirely sure who told me about the tradition of eating black eyed peas on new year’s to ensure luck in the coming 365.then again i’m not entirely sure when i realized my love of chili.(i do not have self regulated entries in the picklepedia, sorry.)i cannot believe that it started so late as when i had job in … Read More

picture this…

I like to take pictures of people with food, notsomuch, really, the food itself but the activity that surrounds food. I like how food draws people out of themselves and becomes a catalyst for the letting down of one’s guard.Food (and drink) are social sustenance and the event of sharing them is, in itself, wonderfully candid. One never shares a … Read More

Positive End to 2006

A Great Thing Happened the Last Day of 2006by blueshoe (Frank Dawson) VANCOUVER DOWNTOWN EASTSIDE