Aliza Sherman Risdahl’s Holiday Tradition

Contining with Daily Eats Holiday Traditions an interview with Aliza Sherman who talks about developing a holiday tradition. Have a listen: In the second half of this interview with Aliza Sherman, she talks about collecting special christmas tree ornaments and creating a special holiday dinner that will become her family’s very special holiday tradition. Aliza is a huge fan of … Read More

Great Stocking Stuffers and Gifts Ideas from Daily Eats

It’s that special time a year again.Why not make this a special year for the food lover in your life. Daily Eats has great stocking stuffers and grab bag gifts at reasonable prices.Give your favorite honey a Daily Eats Thong. Only $9.99 This is a mug foodies will love. The Daily Eats Mug, Only $12.99 For the chef in your … Read More

Courtney Pulitzer’s Holiday Tradition

Special Daily Eats with Courtney Pulitzer talks about her favorite holiday tradition. At the beginning of the New Year Courtney makes Hopping John. It’s delicious. Lovely internet Diva, Courtney is the founder of The CyberScene and Cocktails with Courtney. Here’s a recipe for Hopping John Black Eye Peas from Have a listen: tags: Courtney Pulitzer, Cocktails with Courtney, The … Read More

Most Trans Fats Banned in New York

Good for the home team! New York City takes action to protect citizens from the harmful effects of Trans Fats. I could only hope the rest of the country takes a cue. New York Bans Most Trans Fats in Restaurants – By Thomas J. Lueck and Kim Severson, New York TimesDoughnuts in danger? NYC may ban trans fats – Associated … Read More

Daily Eats Kicks off the Holiday Season with Holiday Recipes

I am kicking off the Daily Eats Holiday Season with Holiday recipes that I like. I found Rachael Ray’s Holiday Entertaining in 60 on the Food Network. Yes! 60 minutes to Holiday Delicious Joy! Here are Rachael’s recipes: Marinated BocconciniRoasted Beef Tenderloin with Roasted Pepper and Black Olive SauceAsparagus with GremolataHoliday Spiced NutsTri Colore Salad with FennelEggnog-Panettone Bread Pudding I … Read More

ALERT: E. Coli – Green Onions – Taco Bell

Another E.Coli outbreak. Taco Bell ordered the removal of green onions from 5,800 Taco Bell outlets. As many as a 121 people may be infected.– CNN report “E. coli outbreak now in 6 states; agencies zero in on Taco Bell” by Caleb Silver.

Make My Sushi!

Courtney led the charge this week for Sushi! We recently got an email from Oso-wakki the webmaster of I love the name. is dedicated to all sushi fans wishing to learn the simple and satisfying art of sushi rolling. Making sushi can be easy, fun, creative and tasty! All you need is a guide. MakeMySushi is filled with … Read More

Twisted? Docs ask: Why put fast-food restaurants in hospitals?

This morning I found an interesting article from the Sun Times on fast food restaurants in children’s hospitals. Is this twisted or what? I am having a hard time believing fast food and hospitals go together. Of course McDonald’s has been associated with children’s health and cancer for a long time through the Ronald McDonald House charities. I just checked … Read More

A Good Omen

When my good friend Anna decided on Sushi for dinner I knew one of two places I wanted to take her. The first restaurant we chanced upon (the first choice) was where we stayed. This was a good omen indeed because not only was the food exquisite, as the NY Citysearch reviews show too, but we got to oogle Richard … Read More

Here’s to Serious Eaters of Chocolate!

Oh yes! I am indeed a chocolate lover, a chocoholics, I worship dark chocolate as if it were god. So here an article to give us all reason to continue with our delicious vice: March, David. (November 27, 2006). “Study: Chocolate ‘Offenders’ Teach Science a Sweet Lesson” Johns Hopkins Medicine. Daily Eats readers’ favorite post about Dark Chocolate:Heart Healthy Benefits … Read More