Food Bloggers Unite! in Chicago

Food bloggers met in Chicago at Blogher07. We dined on Chinese food and dished about our favorite daily eats. It was a truly delicious and delightful dinner. Dinner was arranged by Alanna Kellogg at Lao Sze Chuan. For me meeting food bloggers was the wonderfully fun. Lao Sze Chuan brought back memories of working in Chinese restaurant in New Haven. … Read More

What’s Your Favorite Daily Eats?

While in Chicago Daily Eats met Tajee, a podcaster from Japan. Tajee told us all about her favorite daily eats – humus. is Tajee’s blog about her adventures. She spent time with us in NYC.Tags: Tajee, blogher07, food bloggers, Humus, what’s your favorite daily eats

Finding Love in Lost – Fish Biscuits

While at the Blogher07 conference in Chicago I had a chance to meet Kat Markert the founder of Kat confessed her love for Lost in honor of her love she made Lost Fish Biscuit Cookies. “Kung Foodies is a collection of serious, silly and slightly bizarre food things…” is a truly spectacular foodie blog. Tags: Kat Markert, blogher07, … Read More

Aliza Sherman on Alaskan Dining

Aliza Sherman gives Daily Eats tips on Alaskan Dining while dining at the Food Bloggers Dinner in Chicago. It was to meetup with Aliza while she was at the Blogher07 conference. Tags: Aliza Sherman, blogher07, food bloggers, Alaskan Dining

Michelle Buonfiglio On Romancing Doughnuts

We enjoyed meeting Michelle Buonfiglio, who is the author of “Romance: b(u)y the book” at She delights her audience with delicious witty reviews of a wide variety of romance novels. Discover Michell’s favorite Daily Eats… Daily Eats met Michelle Buonfiglio at Blogher07 in Chicago. Michelle gives us the romance low down on Dunkin’ Donuts vs Krispy Kreme – who … Read More