Who is Daily Eats?

New York, New York – Daily Eats is a popular social media site that discusses all things food. Daily Eats is founded and registered in 2003 by Tery Spataro and Courtney Pulitzer. Our contributors are real people who have real opinions about all things food. Contributors are listed on the side bar of the dailyeats.com. There are some instances of … Read More

What’s Labor Day weekend without Hotdogs?

Coney Island, NY – Labor Day Weekend is the last week of summer vacation. And it’s all about hot dogs. Porscha and I went to one of the most famous hot dog places in the world – Nathan’s of Coney Island. Porscha gives us her opinion on Nathan’s corn dogs. tags: Coney Island, daily eats, labor day weekend, Hot Dogs, … Read More

Food Bloggers Unite! in Chicago

Food bloggers met in Chicago at Blogher07. We dined on Chinese food and dished about our favorite daily eats. It was a truly delicious and delightful dinner. Dinner was arranged by Alanna Kellogg at Lao Sze Chuan. For me meeting food bloggers was the wonderfully fun. Lao Sze Chuan brought back memories of working in Chinese restaurant in New Haven. … Read More

Le Bonne Soupe

On tues Tery and I went to a french restaurant called Le Bonne Soupe. The bread was delicious, fries were awsome,Tery ordered the La Florentine with Spinach, mushrooms and béchamel and I ordered the All American Cheddar Cheeseburger, Served on French brioche with lettuce, tomato and onions it was huge couldnt even finish one half of it!!

Tour New York Eats with Porscha

It’s been a full week of touring New York with Porscha. It’s fun seeing food through the eyes of a teenager. Yesterday we went to the Vynl Diner. I love this place it’s a Hell’s Kitchen classic. Though little noisy the food is fabulous.I have to claim my blog again for technorati:Technorati Profile

order lunch online

When you have no time to go pick up something for lunch or if your stuck in your office dont worry your not gunna starve, theres a place online where you can order tons of sandwiches and just about everything else and the delivery is fast and their food is fresh. Paxfoods.comall your lunch needs a click away…. 🙂

Tery’s Happy Meal

Daily Eats Food Lover’s Podcast #114It is storming here in NYC. Here’s my happy meal tip for the day: Two eggs with tomato, avacado, and cheese and side of steamed kale with garlic. Click to listen: tags: happy meal, daily eats, gabcast

Daily Eats Sunday Brunch

Daily Eats Food Lover’s Podcast #105 Cooking with the chiefeater. Making another egg frittata. Bianca cheese from Hawthrone Valley Farm, flowers, and a few other food items from the Union Square Green Market. Click to listen: