The Flip Camcorder / Bill Sobel

The Flip Movement is under way. I never would have thought I would have influence on a brand. When Caryn Rose told me about The Flip video I thought wow what an easy way to do vloging. No messy wires no complexities. I quickly ordered mine from Target. Now about an year later and after meeting Bill Sobel at Social … Read More

Where Lobsters’ Roll & Internet Early Timers Eat

Dinner at Penelope’s with the lovely Courtney Pulitzer, Josh Masur, and Howard Greenstein. We are the earlier timers, affectionately known as old timers. We’ve been pioneering the net for over 2 decades. This is our reunion to celebrate Josh’s birthday, catch-up, talk net talk. We met at Penelope’s on Lexington and here’s our review. tags: lobster roll, Courtney Pulitzer, Josh … Read More

Podcamp NYC

Click To Play Great day at Podcamp NYC. Highlights from Daily Eats by Tery Spataro. tags: Podcamp NYC

Podcamp NYC – goods eats recommendations

At Slate lastnight saw some elder statespeople from early days, dear friends, and made some new friends. My breakfast and recommendations for good eats near the New Yorker Hotel…well in Hell Kitchen. If you’re at Podcamp NYC look for me I have a Daily Eats Tshirt on. Click to listen:

Is Starbucks the New Name for Coffee?

Yes or No? Chiefeater questions if Starbucks is the new name for coffee, like Xerox means copies, Kleenex means tissue.Highlights on evenings out: Social Media Club, Cocktails with Courtney, see dear friends Howard Greenstein, NowPublic Michael Meyers, Courtney Pulitzer… Click to listen: tags: Starbucks, coffee, Social Media Club, Cocktails with Courtney, NowPublic