Nutella Pan-Cakes for Pancake Girl

Inspired by a comment on Daily Eats about Nutella Pancakes, this morning I got up early headed to the market to buy the ingredients for nutella pancakes for Porscha. Our nutella pan-cakes included nutella, peacans, strawberries, and whipped cream. The pancake mix is organic. It was Yummy! tags: daily eats breakfast, pancakes, nutella, Porscha

Tour New York Eats with Porscha

It’s been a full week of touring New York with Porscha. It’s fun seeing food through the eyes of a teenager. Yesterday we went to the Vynl Diner. I love this place it’s a Hell’s Kitchen classic. Though little noisy the food is fabulous.I have to claim my blog again for technorati:Technorati Profile

Exploring Koreatown with Caryn Rose

Caryn Rose and I explored Koreatown and found this awesome Korean Bakery. I had no idea that Korean Baked goods could be so delicious! We both agree Koryodang is a great place for Korean sweets! tags: koryodang, Koreatown, mochi, daily eats

Now That’s Italian – Part 2 Dessert

Daily Eats visits in Little Italy NYC. An evening with Joanne Fried, of UHaul, UHaul coworkers (Ashleigh Wagner and Nicole Shropshire) and Tery, chiefeater of Daily Eats. Dessert at Little Italy’s Icon, Ferrara’s Bakery and Cafe. tags: UHaul, Joanne Fried, Ferrara’s Bakery, Little Italy, favorite Daily Eats

Where Lobsters’ Roll & Internet Early Timers Eat

Dinner at Penelope’s with the lovely Courtney Pulitzer, Josh Masur, and Howard Greenstein. We are the earlier timers, affectionately known as old timers. We’ve been pioneering the net for over 2 decades. This is our reunion to celebrate Josh’s birthday, catch-up, talk net talk. We met at Penelope’s on Lexington and here’s our review. tags: lobster roll, Courtney Pulitzer, Josh … Read More

Tough Week on Food – Would you know if you ate fake food?

New Yorkers are depressed because Magnolia Bakery was shut down for lack of a sink. They should have bribed the inspector with cupcakes.What about the rest of world? fake food from China? Now this is really scary…could we be heading done the path of synthetics?Would you know if you were eating fake food? tags: fake food

Daily Eats Swallows 1/2 Foot Hot Dog

> There are all sorts of hot dog eating contests. But where can you get a delicious 1/2 lb hot dog that you can simply enjoy? Daily Eats takes you to Juniors in Times Square. What’s summer without hot dogs? Visit Juniors in Times Square! The outdoor cafe is a wonderful way to see Broadway. Don’t forget to try Juniors … Read More

July 4 Sirloin Burgers Fireworks

Fabulous time with Jeremy Pepper. We made La Cense Sirloin Burgers, Pasta Salad, Baked Beans. Saw Macy’s Fireworks over the East River, NYC. Happy Fourth of July! tags: La Cense Beef, Fourth of July, Jeremy Pepper, fireworks, Daily Eats

Cooking with Mike Meyers – La Cense Beef Filet

Click To Play Mike Meyers, CTO of NowPublic helps Daily Eats cook a fabulous dinner. Here’s our review of La Cense Beef Filet. Recipe for Herb Bernaise Sauce from tags: La Cense Beef