A Very Special Birthday Wish for Robert

From Across the big pond Pam and Daily Eats wish Robert a happy birthday from Citron on Columbus Avenue. If embedded video won’t play, click here to play

Rats & French Dining Delicious

Daily Eats reviews Ratatouille a movie about rats and french food. Artist, Pam Riding gives her review of Citron Bistro and movie, Ratatouille. Citron Bistro NYC is located on Columbus Avenue and 83. tags: Ratatouille, Citron Bistro, Pam Riding, Daily Eats, French Food, Disney Ratatouille

Daily Eats Podcast: Pam Riding on Dining New York Style

Daily Eats Food Lover’s Podcast #99It’s Sunday brunch in Manhattan Pam Riding and I were going to travel to China Town for dim sum but it was too chilly. We decided on the Coffee Shop in Union but much to our surprise the City closed it down. Our journey took us to the Republic for posh Thai but they won’t … Read More