Podcamp NYC

Click To Play Great day at Podcamp NYC. Highlights from Daily Eats by Tery Spataro. tags: Podcamp NYC

Podcamp NYC – Lubna Dajani and Geo Geller

Daily Eats Food Lover’s Podcast #109 Lubna Dajani is the CEO/founder of Stratemerge Inc. and organizer of MobileMondays. Geo Geller is a creative genius, artist and filmmaker who I’ve know since the internet early days. It was fun finding out their favorite daily eats. click to listen: tags: Lubna Dajani, Geo Geller, Podcamp NYC, gabcast, MobileMondays

Podcamp NYC – Jacqueline Edwards

Daily Eats Food Lover’s Podcast #108I met Jacqueline while waiting for the Deloitte session to start. Jacqueline’s business is Business Pipeline. Her favorite Daily Eats is water.click to listen: tags: gabcast, Jacqueline Edwards, Business Pipeline, Podcamp NYC, Deloitte

Podcamp NYC – Carter Harkins

Daily Eats Food Lover’s Podcast #107 Lots of excitement at Podcamp NYC. Meet Carter Harkins of CrowdAbout.us. Carter’s favorite Daily Eats’ is a latte. click to listen: tags: Podcamp NYC, carter harkins, crowdabout.us, gabcast

Podcamp NYC – goods eats recommendations

At Slate lastnight saw some elder statespeople from early days, dear friends, and made some new friends. My breakfast and recommendations for good eats near the New Yorker Hotel…well in Hell Kitchen. If you’re at Podcamp NYC look for me I have a Daily Eats Tshirt on. Click to listen: