Daily Eats: 2007 in Review

2007 was all about the dish. Daily Eats dished up some delicious and delightful eats. Thanks everyone for make 2007 wonderful and there’s lots of Daily Eats to explore for 2008! Happy Holidays! tags: Daily Eats, tery spataro

Daily Eats at Cambria, CA

Caught in a small valley on the central coast of California is the artsy and quaint village of Cambria. Interesting shops and good restaurants in an upscale small town atmosphere make this a perfect afternoon stop when traveling Highway 1 between Oxnard and San Mateo. On a slightly chilly, rainy afternoon, friends and I enjoyed the sights and tastes of … Read More

Hash House a Go Go, Las Vegas

What is hash? It’s fried potatoes mixed with your choice of ingredients. And it makes a great breakfast at the Hash House a Go Go located on Sahara Blvd. west of the Strip in Las Vegas. We recommend the Mexican hash with chorizo and the Snickers pancakes the size of a hub cap!

Daily Eats at Big Sky Modern Food, SLO, CA

After a morning of hiking along the beautiful hilly ocean coast in Los Osos, California a trio of us decided to drive down the road a bit to San Luis Obispo for lunch. San Luis is a wonderful college town in a beautiful part of the California central coast. Having spent 10 years in Madison, Wisconsin, both as a student … Read More

Daily Eats at Taco Temple, Morro Bay CA

Taco-licious. Nestled along the Central California coast is a smallish restaurant whose unassuming facade belies its big reputation and food. A local favorite, the Taco Temple is known for its excellent Mexican food with a twist; tasty desserts; and LARGE portions! And the staff are friendly! I ordered the fish taco platter which was excellent and large. Since I was … Read More

Daily Eats The Herbal Tea Kitchen

Are you a tea drinker? Do you prefer herbal teas? If so, you may not know it but you can create your own personalized herbal teas through the use of muscle testing and by having a basic supply of herbal ingredients on hand. According to Shawna Timmerman, a multidimensional healer and herbalist, the top 10 herbs to have on hand … Read More

Daily Eats at the Secret Garden, SLO

If you love Harry Potter stories, you’ll love Bubble Gum Alley and The Secret Garden in San Luis Obispo (SLO), California! Bubble Gum Alley is named appropriately because the walls of the buildings on both sides of the alley are creatively covered in chewing gum. Slogans, “I love (insert name)” and all manner of other presentations with chewed gum can … Read More

Daily Eats Grilled Cheesy

Bread, butter, cheese … victory. That was the mantra of the competitors in the Fourth Second Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational (www.grilledcheeseinvitational.com) in the gritty downtown of Los Angeles. After the official “Blessing of the Cheese” ceremony and tribute to the cow, the ceremonies were completed and the competitors were sent off to grill! Contestants entered one of three different “sammich” … Read More

Pilaf and Passion Tests

Last weekend, I had the wonderful experience of joining a dinner party at my friend Christina’s. Dining there is always a treat since she is a great food and wine lover, and has received some training at French culinary schools. Yum! During the appetizer course, we five enjoyed wine and cheese while hanging new silk drapes in Christina’s home. Ah … Read More

Daily Eats Salty Senorita(s), Scottsdale

Pucker up … The margaritas are salty and strong at both locations of the Salty Senorita in Scottsdale, AZ. My first trip to the North Scottsdale scene followed an afternoon of helping a friend move. It was the week of this location’s grand opening and like its sister site in South Scottsdale, the crowd was steady and the atmosphere jovial. … Read More