Schwa – Chicago

Tasting Arctic Char Roe

Amuse is Amused or better yet a symphony for the tongue presented by master chief, Michael Carlson. Every experience at Schwa is probably unique to the patron. For me Schwa is a legendary adventure, where taste makes taste. You have to have an incredible palette to understand the complexities of this type of cuisine. I have never experienced combinations that are art … Read More

Daily Eats Lunch Box: No go on Thai lunch

Daily Eats Food Lover’s Podcast #111 Not a very good lunch today. Caryn Rose and I ordered from China Moon authentic Thai. This is a no go.Click to listen: tags: daily eats lunch box

NY Daily Eats: Michael Meyers on Highline Thai

Daily Eats Food Lover’s Podcast #97 – Daily Eats Interview Michael Meyers on Highline Thai Restaurant Michael Meyers is the CTO and cofounder of NowPublic. He made his entrepreneurial starts in the Internet industry 15 years ago. Mike took me to the Highline Thai Restaurant in New York’s Meat Packing District for a meal that truly was tongue and nose … Read More