Tery and Manos’ Big Adventure – Live From Vegas!

sweet tartWhen Manos promised I would have a great time in Vegas he wasn’t kidding. While the stinky teenage code monkies were hacking their way through DefCon, we ate our way through the Vegas strip. Rio had the most exciting and interesting buffet of all! With lots of desserts most of which where chocolate.

And we munched our way right to the Grand Canyon. Favorite hiking treats included Pringles. You see there’s more to the can than some dumb old hacker’s trick.

It was in the little town of Williams, AZ we discovered our inner cowboy. Yippie YaYo kia! I saw my first rodeo! It was pouring rain, but well worth the slight discomfort to see the West come to life and especially see the Marlboro Man in action. We stayed on the old
historic Route 66 and traveled all the way back to Vegas.

Manos and Ruth GordonWe did get our kicks on Route 66 in Truxton. Ruth Gordon, who works at the historic Frontier Lounge owned by Mildred Baker, gave us the lowdown on this small town of 300. On the walls of the Frontier is a collection of dollar bills from people all over the world. Of course Manos and I had to add our own.
Ruth Gordon

I was suppose to leave Vegas a couple of days ago, but I’m having way too much fun…perhaps tomorrow I’ll be back in Phoenix.

More food stories from Vegas to come…

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