Thanksgiving and Being Thankful

I know Thanksgiving has past, but I’m not entirely through with being thankful. I’m thankful for many wonderful supportive emails and comments from people who read Daily Eats. I’m very grateful for the fabulous food bloggers, who take the time to post about their love for food.

The past couple of years for me have been very stressful, but I found blogging about food, friends, family and fun has taken the stress out of the stressful world we live in. I am thankful for the support of my family and friends who throughout the years made me laugh at myself, ease the pain, and share meals.

This Thanksgiving weekend was especially special for me.
Manos craving the turkey.Manos cooked a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. I had feeling our guests were thankful it was Manos cooking and not me. Instead of stuffing the turkey with stuffing, he stuffed it with a beer can filled with orange juice, which streamed the turkey and added nice sweet flavor to the meat. He used the beer to glaze the outside of the turkey.

Breakfast buffet with Tom in MAFriday took a long train ride to Massachusetts to see Tom, my brilliant brother. The long trip was well worth it to have some quality time with Tom. We had Thai food in the at
Yoong Tong Thai and brunch Saturday morning at Tom’s Gourmet Market in Northborough, Massachusetts. Both place worth exploring if you happen to visit the sleeply little towns of Northborough, Westborough and Marlborough. Lots of discussions about lots of topics.

Off to New Haven to see Jane and Karen. We saw Capote, which was excellent. After the movie we had dinner to celebrate our birthdays at Istanbul, also a favorite New Haven restaurant.

Sunday, I took the train back to Manhattan to meet up with Bud Lavery, Peter (Filmcars) Yannello, and Mike Palmieri at the Chat and Chew. I had a delicious burger! I got a ride back to Bay Ridge in Peter’s 1971 Green Dart. It was awesome. The gang is going to review Paul’s on the East side in two weeks. A suggestion made by Mike. It was big treat to see Bud, Peter and Mike all at the same time! btw Bud’s famous for posting food oddities Daily Eats.

Regardless of the time of the year I am thankful for my family and friends.

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