The Day the Cheesesteak Died

A sad day indeed for Americana food – the original inventor of the cheesesteak died today. Harry Olivieri passed away, who originally made the sandwich with his brother in Philly at Pat’s King of Steaks.

As for San Francisco-based philly places, I have so far been to three. The best one has been Jake’s Steaks in the Marina.

First, I am not a fan of the Marina. I went to school, and had enough of fraternity and sorority row. Come on people, it’s time to live in the real world. But, I got on the 43 bus and took my chances, figuring that it was time to find a good cheesesteak place here.

Ordered the lunch special – soda, cheesesteak and waffle fries, and then ran across the street to the bodega to buy a bottle of diet coke (man, the can’s of soda were expensive). Jake – the owner – is from Philly. He wanted his cheesesteak, so he opened the place. I wanted a place I could go to at 1.00 AM, but the neighbors are cranky. Stoopid Marina.

Anywho, it’s the real deal with the bun. That soft Philly bread. The onions and mushrooms were done just right, the cheesesteak came like I liked it, and the fries were pretty damned good.

And, the bathroom was clean. I always check that.

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