Twisted? Docs ask: Why put fast-food restaurants in hospitals?

This morning I found an interesting article from the Sun Times on fast food restaurants in children’s hospitals. Is this twisted or what? I am having a hard time believing fast food and hospitals go together. Of course McDonald’s has been associated with children’s health and cancer for a long time through the Ronald McDonald House charities. I just checked the RMH website out and was surprised to find a link to information on Food, Nutrition & Fitness. You could bet the information talks about the various nutritious foods found at McDonalds.

My earliest memory of eating McDonald’s was when I was 7 years old. My father took my brothers and I to the Lakewood Road McDonald’s in Waterbury, Connecticut. I was amazed by the white building with big golden arches. We did not have a lot of money so my father was only able to buy us each a regular hamburger we split the fries. I remember it tasting so good and wishing I had more. Well, years later when I was in high school and old enough to work I went to work at the very same McDonald’s. Hourly wage also included a McDonald’s meal for working 8 hour shift. I kept fit by keeping pace with the demands of the job. It was all about getting customers in and out with in 30 seconds or less.

Article Source:
Tanner, Lindsey. (December 5, 2006). “Doc ask: Why put fast-food restaurants in hospitals?”. Sun-Times News Group.

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