Vegas or Bust, Baby – First Stop Oxygen Bar in the Stratosphere

I just landed in Vegas and I’m off and running. It is Bill Firing’s Fabulous Birthday Celebration and I’m happy to help celebrate! So, by pure chance I was in staying at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas and happened upon the Oxygen Bar. I heard a lot of hype about Oxygen Bars over the past couple of years. I always wanted to try out the Oxygen Station at the Healing Center on 57th Street in NYC, but never had time. Since I arrived in Vegas early and my room wasn’t ready I could take the time. I grilled Anya, who works at the Oxygen Bar about the oxygen experience. Normal air consumption contains about 21% oxygen, and the oxygen in the Oxygen Bar offers 90% pure oxygen. She told me it could enhance energy and make me feel euphoric. Always a little skeptical when I’m told something like that, but I am open to new experiences. Assisted by Anya, who started my oxygen experience off with a Power Shot, which is an all-natural herbal energy shooter with a great taste. Then she squirted a bit of eucalyptus oil into the palms of my hands and had me inhale deeply. That really opened my sinuses. I stretched out in a reclining chair, while an electric chair massager moved up and down my spine. Anya gave me a disposable nasal cannula and helped me put it on. I was plugged into the oxygen station for about 15 minutes. I felt calm almost a little light headed but my tiredness seemed to disappear, mind you I took the 8am flight to Vegas and was up the night before until 1am writing for Daily Eats. After 15 minutes Anya fetched me. I sat at the main bar where she squired some peppermint into my hands and had me inhale again. There she gave a 5 minute back massage. I felt wonderful and throughout the day I felt great. You don’t come to Vegas to sleep so this certainly is helpful. The air quality in the is horrible, so having had 90% pure oxygen put into my lungs before hand was a welcome. On my Vegas escapades I saw an O2 bar in the Fashion Center Mall where I encourage Bill and Joseph to give it a try. There Josh, a young twenty something year old, administered both the oxygen and the great massage. Wow, I could stay there all day. I asked Bill and Joseph how they felt after the oxygen experience and both confirmed they felted refreshed. Will I try it again? I think so. Here are some articles if you are thinking about giving Oxygen a try. If you happen to stay at the Stratosphere do dropped by the Oxygen Bar, have Anya hook you up, and tell her Tery sent you. Articles on Oxygen Bars: Oxygen Bars: Is a Breath of Fresh Air Worth It? By Linda Bren, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, FDA Consumer magazine, November-December 2002 Oxygen Bars Not a Breath of Fresh Air, By Jennifer Thomas HealthScoutNews Reporter Oxygen Bar, Copenhagen Airport

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