What do you eat when you have the winter blues?

Lately the winter blues have me down. I feel unmotivated and uninspired. Right now I’m staring into a big mug of coffee and looking for a sign in the stream as it whirls around. If only coffee talk. Maybe tea leaves have the response I’m looking for.

What I’m really looking for is purpose, isn’t that what we are all craving? Beside dark rich chocolate now that’s a cure for the winter blues.

I also find comfort in pasta. How about rigatoni with broccoli rabe and sweet and spicy sausage? I know I had this sometime this week but I can’t remember where. I remember it was HK on 39th and 9th Avenue. It was great.

I also had risotto primavera with chicken at a little Italian place in Chelsea. I was there the other night with Ellen Sragow.

Lately I’ve been on risotto kick. Looking for a new recipe because I’ve exhausted Ruth Reichl’s recipe for risotta primavera. Maybe that’s what I need to shake the winter blues?

I had a turkey burger at the Better Burger in Hell’s Kitchen the other day, I thought that would help ease me out the winter duldrums. But I was disappointed I thought I was getting ground meat turkey instead it was white meat paddy charcoal broiled. I asked the clerk at BB who assured me it would be a ground meat turkey burger. I should have ordered the burger.

Maybe a combination of dark chocolate, pasta and meatballs will do the trick?

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