What’s Growing in Gilbert?

Twice weekly trips to theGilbert’s Farmer’s Market make my life in transition to Gilbert AZ a real pleasure. I love farmer’s markets, I’ve been to farm many different farmer’s market’s in the US, UK and Europe. I love the healthy goodness that come direct from farm to my fork to my body! Mostly I enjoy the honest pride expressed by the farmers that grow healthy organic and natural products and enjoy meeting the people they provide for. This is no different for local growers and locally made providers that participate in the Gilbert’s Farmer’s Market. They are awesome! What like best is about attending the Gilbert’s Farmer’s Market is the feeling of community. I get a greater sense of belonging to the community rather than feeling as if I’m lost in the center of the desert. I go on both Wednesday’s to Power Ranch and Saturday’s to downtown Gilbert.

I bought from:

  • Elizabeth’s Moments of Joy – OMG her Whoopie Pies are delicious! I especially love  the chocolate on chocolate! I love the ’50’s retro packaging!
  • ISS Magic Mixes – Certified gluten free oatmeal – I got the blueberry vanilla  and almond mix! making my breakfast so much more delightful!
  • The Farm at Agritopia – I was immediately attracted to their display of product. I juiced their red cabbage, cilantro, lemons, kale, spinach, beets, yes I love their beets I love it all!
  • Doctor Hummus – Every time I see Doctor Hummus I get samples that flow continuously and every time we walk away with several different varieties including Roasted Garlic, Olive Tapenade, Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto, Vegan Spinach & Onion Dip, Guacamole.
  • Seize the Fork – Turned me onto Mega PowderBlend which adds extra zip to my new found juicing art – They’re VEGAN! btw I love their rich photo images on their Facebook page.
  • Rhiba Farms – Wheatgrass! Now talk about straight from the farm – love the sweet taste of this wheatgrass. I just may adopt a chicken – you should too! these chicks are free range pasture feed! that’s what I call fresh!
  • DeCio Pasta – handmade gluten-free pasta – I had seconds on their pasta – though sadly they had fire and won’t be producing for awhile.
  • Uprooted Kitchen – I love this food truck! OMG their chocolate zucchini is to die for – I just may if I don’t get another piece! my favorite vegetarian food truck!

Gilbert AZ has a small community with over 212,000 people, there are 1793 farms in Maricopa County that’s 27% down since 1997. I aim to support our local growers and locally made in Gilbert and AZ. How about you?

Saturday I’ll be shopping with my brother, Tom. I’ll say hello!

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