Where do you hulu?

Yeah that’s right I hulu too. I hulu while I’m cooking, but I’m not watching cooking shows I usually watch sci-fi. According to some researchers women don’t usually watching sci-fi…yeah right.

Here’s a list of my favorite sci-fi on hulu:
Firefly – why did they ever cancel the series when it was on tv?
Battlestar Galactica – finally! A sci-fi show with guts
Total Recall 2070 – which is really so bad it’s good
American Gothic
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – I think it’s better than the original
New Amsterdam

Old favorites like Highlander. I even watched The Sixth Sense – was weird.

Movies I watched
Astro Viz: Black Holes
Naked Lunch
Titan AE

While not cooking and watching I’ll watch and eat. While watching the season start of the Battlestar Galactica I prepared a pesto penne with a mixed green salad. I poured my self a glass of sparkling apple cider. For dessert I had double chocolate chocolate chip cookies.

BTW hulu doesn’t require a TV just a computer and I don’t have TV.

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