Where’s the Beef from?

It was a lovely shopping therapy day. After shopping we needed our daily lunch and we searched for it like trying to find a needle in a haystack. First we looked for the Asian Diner I spotted one night driving home but couldn’t remember exactly where it was located. Then searched for the Mexican restaurant. Couldn’t find that either. So we decided lunch at the Trilogy Gold Club at Power Ranch will work. We dubbed it Last Chance Resort Cafe.

It was a busy afternoon in the club with golfers coming in for a quick burger and beer and back out to the course for more rounds of golf. Darrin was our dining host, who hosted us once before. The food was good tried Chimichangas, Chicken Enchiladas, and Taco Salad. All well defined on a large plates. Lot of food but good food.

I have questions. So, where is the beef from? My curiosity tweaked one while driving past the stinky bovines on Higley Road. I wanted to know if they were beef or diary cows. Darrin enlightened us. He lived here all of his life and knows this region is for diary cows. He also told us the Sysco supplied the meat for Trilogy.

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