Whole Foods Traffic Leads to Cheese Ecstasy

Whole Foods has been my designer choice for shopping therapy these days in Phoenix. I’ve been to several different Whole Foods across the US: Columbus Circle/Time Warner building and Chelsea New York, Chicago, LA, SF and Tempe, AZ. Not all of the Whole Foods have the same traffic pattern. Both New York Whole Foods are a disaster when it comes to traffic patterns. Too confusing and for impatient New Yorkers, there have been a number of grocery carriage bang ups. I enjoyed Chicago’s nice traffic pattern especially leading right to my favorite foods: cheese and chocolate.

Tempe has the best traffic patterns with the least amount of stress. I know love to relate and enjoy my grocery shopping, sniffing, taste, pinching take great focus. I would suggest moving the meat department so that meat is the last purchase and it stays cooler longer. Food needing refrigerating spoils quickly in hot climate especially if you are a long way from home.

Whole Foods Tempe, AZ

Shopping in Tempe Whole Foods today, I had promised I would only buy my favorite brand of vitamins and leave. But that didn’t happen. An hour or so later after browsing the organic produce and making many organic fruit selections I decided it was time to head over to the cheese bar for a look. I thought only a look, well three cheese purchases later and help from the very pleasant cheese master, Swan from Singapore, I managed to get out of Whole Foods by 2:30 pm and several dollars later.

Tery and Joyce trying cheeses at Whole Foods

Well worth the purchase! On the 45 minutes drive home I fantasized about grilled cheese sandwiches. No, I’m not talking about the average American grill cheese. I’m talking about grilling works of art and architecting masterpieces.

Fired up the frying pan and added a two tablespoons of virgin olive oil and went to work.

Sandwich number 1: a combination of chopped tomato, green peppers, onions and one clove of garlic, a dash of salt and pepper, sliced Amadeus cheese on Mestemacher Sunflower seed bread.

Sandwich number 2: Grilled Emmental with a dab of sweet green relish on Mestemacher Sunflower seed bread.

Sandwich number 3: Slightly grilled Cyprus Grove goat cheese with thinly sliced cucumber on Mestemacher Sunflower seed bread.

The sandwich descriptions are in ordered in best satisfaction.

Beautiful Artful Sandwiches

A couple of close friends of mine enjoy making sandwich art as much as I do. I remember discovering the secrets of Mestemacher bread when I was in Germany last from a dear friend. Upon returning to the US I went directly to Whole Foods bought my first loaf. After making several variations of sandwich I called Pam Riding who lived nearby to sample my delicious creations.

Incidentally, Sandwich was merely an accident while John Montagu was gambling. Named after John Mantagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich (1718-1792). Little did the Earl know his quick snack was never to be a fad, but became a standard eating habit for now centuries.


The perfect place for my fellow cheese lovers: Cheese Lover’s Paradise

Amadeus Cheese – yes, named after non-other

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