Wild Huckleberry Jam

Not long before Aliza Sherman departed for Alaska I got to see her. She presented me with a lovely coffee mug, which holds about 2 cups of coffee, and Wild Huckleberry Jam made fresh by Huckleberry Mountain, Jackson, Wyoming. I’ve never had Wild Huckleberry Jam. I immediately tried it the next morning, spread generous heap of dark deep jam on top of peanut butter with 12-grain toast as base. As I swooshed the jam across my toast I could smell the sweet scent of huckleberry. I couldn’t wait to bit into my toast! And of course swig some coffee to wash it down. Oh…when I bit into it there was an explosion in my mouth! I never knew huckleberry jam was so very yummy! A true treat for the tongue.

Aliza spent a couple of years in Wyoming after leaving New York, continued with her media company, writing, and married a wonderful man. See New York ladies you can find great men outside the city! Aliza is now on the road with husband, mom, and dogs moving to Alaska. Read all about Aliza’s adventures driving from Wyoming to Alaska at Travel Girl. Her latest post on the road incorporates Sticky Buns, another treat for the mouth.

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